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Author Topic: Welcome To The Hard Rock Cafe  (Read 26660 times)
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« on: October 21, 2008, 12:30:17 pm »

Hello Gang from a newbie.  The Hard Rock Cafe is a unique venue to say the least.  Our place sits in the middle of a small cove with seven (7) other campsites.  The high railing on our deck, along with a nice sized beach in front of it, make it a great place to park your boat and watch the shows.

We specialize in video concerts of all the greats.  From U2 to Jimmy Buffet, we "Rock The Lake".  Here's a few pics of our set-up to browse.

#1  Cooling off in front of the fan before showtime
#2  Boats in place, just push play and we're done
#3  Here come the boats/guests
#4  Me, rocking to U2 with a Martini
#5  Buffet show taken from our boat
#6  Timed exposure from two (2) doors over


Wanna see more?

* 1.JPG (86.72 KB, 640x480 - viewed 1471 times.)

* 2.JPG (83.55 KB, 640x480 - viewed 2403 times.)

* 3.JPG (82.8 KB, 640x480 - viewed 1619 times.)

* 4.JPG (56.73 KB, 640x480 - viewed 1770 times.)

* 5.JPG (70.48 KB, 640x480 - viewed 1898 times.)

* 6.JPG (141.32 KB, 640x480 - viewed 2335 times.)
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Rock the Lake!
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« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2008, 02:30:23 pm »

Welcome aboard!  (pun intended)

It looks like you've got yourself a real nice "Flick & Float" there.  Or is it "Schooner and a Movie"?   Wink

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« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2008, 02:45:34 pm »

Thanks Sparge, I'm hoping to learn a lot from you guys.  I see you have a nice rig, 1600, wow that's bright.  Hopefully the company will upgrade mine (800) some day.  But hey, it's better than nothing.

I'll post some set-up pics for eveyone after Halloween.  Gonna have a movie night for the ladies, they're begging me for one (Captain Ron).  I was looking for a table top popcorn popper to use for that show when I found the site today.  Lucky me.

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Rock the Lake!
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« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2008, 09:58:22 pm »

That looks like a blast!  (he said, thinking back to the light frost WE had this morning)

Welcome aboard, gmcmillan!

Glad you took the popcorn we use for bait.   Smiley 

I sense it's only a matter of time now (and probably martini's) before we finally see a screen floating around on a pontoon boat.

Thanks for posting pics of your setup.  Nice work!



"Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle for where we're going.  There's something ahead worth looking for." -- Neil Young

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« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2008, 02:23:56 pm »

Thought I would share the details of our set-up now that I have some detailed photos from the Nov 1 showing of Captain Ron & Sahara.

Video is sourced from my laptop where I have the necessary software rip a copy of any movie into an .avi format.  Once copied, I can then edit it as required using Studio 11.  This comes in handy since I only have a 2 hour window to conduct shows (quite time starts at 11:00pm in the campground at the lake and I can't start shows until dark which is around 8:30 - 9:00pm).  Plus, I can chop up videos with commercial breaks and we all know how many funny commericals are flooting around.  These are a big crowd pleaser.

Shows are built in, and played using MS Media Player.  There structure begins with a series of hand picked songs I use to adjust my audio while they play.  At the same time, a slide show of photos taken around the lake plays via a slideshow plugin to entertain those that arrive early.  The slideshow also is my gauge to when it is dark enough to begin the "core" show.

Items below with an * are visible in the attached photos

Audio is via the headphone jack* on my laptop via a temporary 20' RCA patch cable* via an RCA connector* via a permanent 20' patch cable* that sticks out the front of our deck at ground level*.  The cable then runs under the Parkmodel and comes up through the floor behind the stereo which remain inside for shows.  Instead of selecting "TV" as a source, which is the norm, I switch it to AUX which is the input selection I use.  Then via a permanently mounted outdoor volume control* via speakers mounted underneth our awning* where I also have a line for the subwoofer.  Being in a cove and on the water is a big advantage for the sound quality.

Screen construction is quite simple.  A neoprene backed painters drop cloth from Lowes Home Improvement ($21.00) nailed to a 2 x 4 via galvanized roofing tacks through the sewn border*.  Mounted to two vertical 2 x 4 s which are attached to the deck railing via one 2 1/2" wood screw each*.  Once the screen is up and hanging, I use a nicely warped 2 x 4 via 2 2 1/2" wood screws to keep the bottom of the screen tight and wrinkle free (never 100% wrinkle free).  However, after looking at some of the screens here, I have plans to add 2 more 2 x 4 s on each side to keep it tight horizontally (you guys are bad influence).  We break the screen down after each show as there is nowhere at the lake to store it rolled up.

Total set-up time, if a gang decides we should have a show is about 20 mins.

And there you have it, how we do it at the Hard Rock.

Thanks, Greg

* Audio 1.JPG (367.59 KB, 1424x1068 - viewed 1136 times.)

* Audio 2.JPG (447.08 KB, 1424x1068 - viewed 1116 times.)

* Audio 4.JPG (177.78 KB, 964x723 - viewed 1299 times.)

* Screen 1.JPG (401.98 KB, 1424x1068 - viewed 1178 times.)

* Screen 3.JPG (386.38 KB, 1068x1424 - viewed 1164 times.)

* Screen 4.JPG (396.33 KB, 1424x1068 - viewed 1201 times.)

Rock the Lake!
Adult Beverage
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« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2009, 09:21:28 am »

I have screen-frame-itis.  Thery'e everywhere I look.  Does anyone else see the one at the stern of the pontoon boat disguised as a folded roof awning?  Seating at the bow.  Projector on the center console?

Then again, I saw one last night hiding inside the roof awning of my backyard swing.

Infamous last words: "Hold my beer.  Watch this!!"
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« Reply #6 on: May 11, 2009, 07:26:04 am »

You caught me AB, I was trying to conceal it from the copy right police.  How did you find it?  Did you see the power converter I had to install on the boat?  Ya know, I costs a lot to run a theater on a boat, you have to have several batteries or you'll spend the night on the lake....IN your boat.

Watch that screenites, its' spreadable....


Rock the Lake!

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