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Title: Sima 12' inflatable screen availability and pre-order
Post by: rfisk on June 15, 2007, 07:48:12 am
The Sima XL-12 (12 foot) screens are on backorder until mid-July.  All standing orders have been fulfilled and shipped.  Although we are not currently accepting orders or payment on XL-12ís, we will make every attempt to offer our introductory pricing to those who want to place a pre-order.  You will be notified by email as soon as they are available, with no obligation.   At that time, orders will be fulfilled on a first in, first out basis. 

If you want to be on the list to be notified, simply send an email to with some contact information.


Title: Sima XL-12 update
Post by: rfisk on September 09, 2007, 11:31:56 pm
Sima XL-12 update.  Basically, we have been without the 12-footers for two months.  There were several shipping delays, my allocation was reduced... etc.

I was given access to a handful of XL-12's and I believe I emailed everyone on the waiting list Friday.  If I missed you, I apologize.  We're down to 3 or 4, then another dry spell for probably a month or so, I'm afraid.

If you haven't already responded and are interested in acquiring one from this group, (they're brand new) drop me an email or PM for pricing and details.  Since there are so few, I'd rather these go to our users here who have been waiting patiently.  I also need to confirm availability on each one, so we're not currently listing these on eBay.  These will be a direct purchase through Paypal.  I expect these will go quickly.  And they are first come, first served.

Another note, these are available screen only, or screen and powered speakers.  The speakers now are 8" 80 watt (not the 10" like before).  If you are buying somewhere else and it says you're getting 10" speakers, be sure to confirm that!  It is possible that you will get 10's from existing inventory, but it's also possible you'll get 8's instead of 10's if an ad hasn't been updated.  I am told by Sima that the 10" speakers are no longer available.  I've had good reports on the 8" powered speakers except in situations where there is a lot of ambient noise, like surf (on the beach).  In a quiet backyard setting, people have been very happy with them.

We also have the XL-8's with and without speakers.  They too are in fairly short supply.


Title: Re: Sima 12' inflatable screen availability and pre-order
Post by: Elwood on September 11, 2007, 09:45:45 am
I am looking to buy one of the inflatables, whatís the different between them (gemmy vs. sima)

I know the gemmy has fan noise, if itís the same kind of fan that blows up my Xmas inflatables, I think I can live with it.

Can you rear project with the gemmy?

how easy is the set up?

Does the screen come off the gemmy like the Sima, to keep it wrinkle free?

Is the Sima really worth 3x as much as the gemmy?

How do they hold up it the wind?

Is there a price list for the different things you sell on the site?


Title: Re: Sima 12' inflatable screen availability and pre-order
Post by: Metric on September 11, 2007, 09:53:25 am
Gemmy is not rear projection.
Fan noise can become annoying.