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Title: looking for some ideas
Post by: stackbros on August 13, 2006, 02:04:58 pm
We just moved to florida...  and have a screened in lanai and a pool...  I have an infocus lp120 projector that I am planning on using for my projector.  It's 1000 lumens,  and where i need to put the projector will be 28 feet away from my screen.  So my screen size needs to be 10ft high by 15 feet wide.  I have been looking at all of the options for screen material...  tarps, blackout cloth, and canapy kits. 

of the three types of screen material...  what is the best?  Has anyone used or seen a movie on all three types of material?

What about seams?  is that a big issue?

It looks like I'm going to order from creative shelters..  not a bad price at $240...  but I would like to hear from someone who has seen the different types...

By the way...  i'm planning on doing Jaws...  and watch it floating in the pool!!!

Title: Re: looking for some ideas
Post by: Cherry Hills on August 13, 2006, 04:18:17 pm
I think most (or all) of who have tried tarps have found that the ones you get these days are too shiny. You get reflective hot spots that ruin the image.

Blackout cloth is used by lots of people and they seem very happy with it.

Don't know what kind of material they use for canopy kits. Is it cotton canvas? That works very well.

You should also look into Dazian Heavy-Duty Trapeze. It's great stuff, from all accounts, and is available in enormous widths, so you wouldn't have to worry about seams. Some people have seams and report that no one notices them once the film starts. Others find them really annoying, so if you can avoid them, it's probably better. If you're planning on projecting from the rear, you definitely have to eliminate the seams, though.

Are you going to get the frame stuff from Creative Shelters, then, or the whole setup?

Title: Re: looking for some ideas
Post by: stackbros on August 13, 2006, 06:26:37 pm
I have a screen room enclosure around my pool that will work great as the mounting structure.  I also have the tubing left over from some construction projects.  I'm planning on using 2 small pulley’s attached to the screen room frame to hoist up the screen,  and use some bungee straps to secure it down.  Tension will be added by tightening the ropes holding up the screen. 

After doing a lot more research,  and getting some buy in from my wife...  I’m also looking at some of the trapeze material...  since she is great at sewing..  I can have her attach a border around to slide the pipe in to hold it up,  plus make her feel like it is a joint project... 

I'm going to talk w/ the people at Creative shelters tomorrow and ask if the material is shiny...  Thanks for pointing that out...

Soo many decisions...  so little time...  But i have to start somewhere...

Title: Re: looking for some ideas
Post by: hiredpower on August 13, 2006, 09:26:49 pm
Welcome Stackbros,

I have the frame from Creative Shelters. I don't know if these frame fittings are what you want? It seems to me all you would need are four simple "corner" fittings. The ones that come in this kit have more joints than that and would get hung up on your screened enclosure. The next thing you would need are some straight fittings to join your lengths of tubing for the width.

The "Heavy Duty White Tarp" that comes in the kit is poly and has seams. This was not acceptable to me...shiny and I couldn't get the wrinkles out..

I suggest you go with the Trapeze. There are some members here who have sewn pockets for the tubing, but I haven't seen any pictures. I'm not convinced this will work. My matrial has stretched over time and is now longer than it used to be. I just cut it off, you would have to cut and resew the pockets. Take a look at the clips I use and decide for yourself.

Please don't take this personal, but as the number of members here grows and so do the number of posts. There is a lot of good information that can be found by using the search tool, this would prevent users from having to repost the same information.

Let us know what you decide....and pictures are always welcome!

Title: Re: looking for some ideas
Post by: stackbros on August 13, 2006, 10:07:06 pm
Like all newbies...  I did a lot of reading... and every time I thought I found the way to go I would get turned around again...  That’s why I posted the question...  Plus I also thought that, by posting, I could get to hook up with someone and not have to do one at home...  Just Kidding..

Thanks for the advise...  I have found a bevy of sites that offer the trapeze fabric,  and I will be shopping around tomorrow to order some... 

Knowing that the fabric continues to stretch.. Is giving me some ideas for a different design..  What do you think of making a frame and wrapping the fabric around it,  and tensioning it from behind.  This way as the fabric stretches, the excess can be taken up. 

I hope to have one made with in the next week or so…  As soon as it is up I will post some foto’s… 

Title: Re: looking for some ideas
Post by: stackbros on August 14, 2006, 09:30:59 am
Well I have been calling around and found one company that really knows their screening material...

I spoke with   Bob K  in sales...  I was going to order the trapeze material...   but after talking about florida (he used to live here)  he said the high humidity would not work well with the material...  He recomended a white muslin fabric...   it's 128" wide and under $12 a yard.  I ordered 6 yards...  Should have it by Friday...  Thanks for the advice!!!!   

By the way...  he is a theatre supply company...  has a host of fabrics including some material great for rear projection..  it's a plastic base and @90 a yard...

I'll post some foto's as soon as it's built!!!