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Title: Our Latest Portable
Post by: Jack_Daniels on August 28, 2006, 06:36:14 pm
The ladder assembly of our old trailor was too much....we redisigned the new frame from good aluminum tubing. Portable 21x14 and sets up in minutes.

Here are some pics.


Title: Re: Our Latest Portable
Post by: movieman on August 29, 2006, 12:48:26 pm
What's the deal with the screen. Give us some specs. What projector and sound system and why the trailer. Where do you go with it?   Thanks   rg

Title: Re: Our Latest Portable
Post by: Jack_Daniels on August 29, 2006, 05:51:14 pm
The screen is a "not so shiny" heavy grayish tarp by McMasterCar " Product number 7885t89. The tarp has the color and look of "wax paper" and has a great picture and very durable. Keep in mind that this is rear projection and not very good for front projection. On a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 10.5 on rear and a 2 on front.

The tubing for the frame is heavy guage aluminum tubing and is constructed to the trailor frame simular to the way a picture frame would set on a table. The aluminum tubing, 90 degree connectors and all the hardware can be purchased at lowes or home depot in the fencing department....extreamley sturdy. This is all mounted to the trailor and easily disassembled. (See drawing below).

The projector is a Dell 3000 lumen projector. The sound system is a Yamaha 450 watt amplifier powering two 500 watt peavy guitar speakers (GREAT SOUND) of those you can really crank up....comes in handy if playing a rock concert.

I have on board my Durango a Satellite dish (HDTV), DVD Player, VCR and a laptop. I'm able to play nearly all types of media.

The reason for the trailor is obvious....Not only is it the weight to counter the screen without the need for ropes but I'm hired out to Campgrounds, Boat Docks, Private parties and have done a few biker rallies. Set up is 20 minutes and tear down is ten.

The picture quality is what has everyone hooked including myself...just simply amazing.

There is not enough revenue in rental to quit my day job but it is a good suppliment.
With fall approaching, I'm sure to be rented out to a few ball games. All in all...if someone on this list (that lives in climate friendy year-round conditions) would be interested in purchasing this system, it is for sale. Cost is going to be the same as if you had to go out and buy everything yourself but without the hassle of assembly....I don't think $3300 is out of the question and may be a stupid "give away price on my part". Price is minus the Peavy speakers laptop and satellite reciever. All cords go with it.

I will not have any business during a Tennessee mild to  cold winter. I'll build another next spring.

Hope this answered your questions.
Thanks (and great the way),