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Title: Im Innnnnnnnn
Post by: dorsalfin on September 18, 2006, 01:28:45 pm
Hey all ;) I will be in the back yard theater gang this weekend.

Im building a 12x20 screen frame out of 1and3/8 fence top rail.
And I will be using tarpeze material for the srceen the sewing will be my project for tonight.
That is after I clean the koi pond fillter then off to the sewing.

I know I will probability loossss what little man badge I have left.                                                                                                                   But I need to get it done tonight or tomorrow if there is to be a movie this weekend.

My Mis Deb was just like the koi pond about the outside screen.
She still has that look on her face you know, the one you are going to spend what and do huuuu.

Pour thing she just got over the purchase of the projector.
I read and read ....and bought the epson 800,1600 lumens.
I use it in the house and WE just love it here words!,I think its cool 8)
She kind of new somthing was up when I brought in the twelve foot screen.
A da-lite C matt white and mounted it to the wall in the living room.

I can see her face right now  >:( what are you up to now.
I just look and  ;D and said we are going to have are owen movie theater.
And of course I went on to say how I do not like going to the movie theater.
She just shook her head and walk away I took that as to go for it rite.
Come on guys back me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

A week or to later in the middle  of a movie she came over and  :-* me and said how great it was.
I new then my job was done and it was time for the next step ::)

I hope to have pics this weekend I will make sure to get one of Mis Deb  ;D
Ow And of the set up...tell next time happy out door theater watching.

 ::) Dorsakfin  ;D

Title: Re: Im Innnnnnnnn
Post by: rfisk on September 18, 2006, 01:34:14 pm
Yeah, this all sounds very familiar to me.

Welcome aboard!

I'll bet she loves it.  Hint: Let her pick the movie and invite some of her friends.

Keep us posted, and have a blast!


Title: Re: Im Innnnnnnnn
Post by: gdmanry on September 18, 2006, 01:55:00 pm

I have 2 Epson's and love them both!  I'm kind of the opposite of you.  I built the Outdoor first, thinking the wife would like it, but being a Yankee I guess (no Offense to Yankees)  ;D  she just can't get used to the outside.  The bugs and "outdoor noises" scare her, and she jumps every time the Surround kicks in thinking someone's busting in the backyard to get her.

Oh well, now she wants one on the inside which is fine with me!  You can't beat permanent big TV outside & INSIDE!

welcome aboard!


Title: Re: Im Innnnnnnnn
Post by: hiredpower on September 21, 2006, 01:54:16 pm
Hey Dorsakfin, welcome to the club!

Let us know how your first outdoor showing goes.


Title: Re: Im Innnnnnnnn
Post by: dorsalfin on September 25, 2006, 01:20:01 pm
Hey guys thanks for the grate welcome!!!

Well I have bad news rain rain would not go away  >:(

But we are hopeing for this weekend yaaaaaaa ;)

I will go ahead and take some pic's of my set up.

Your fellow theater lover :Dorsalfin :D

Title: Re: Im Innnnnnnnn
Post by: gdmanry on September 26, 2006, 01:06:46 pm

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is the one thing we can't control.  The first week of College Football season I had a Geargia Tech VS ND party and wouldn't you know it right before kick off it started to rain.  I checked the doppler and saw one little green speck over my house, and that was the only green on the radar!

Luckily it was in and out so we didn't miss much, but you always have to take the weather into consideration when planning something like this.  Beter luck this weekend and send some pics of your setup when it quits raining  ;D