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Title: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on May 21, 2007, 01:19:15 pm
Ok, I know, I catchy name.

This will be the official thread of my deck theater. As my other thread "Falls Ridge Movie Nights!" is geared toward the neighborhood showings using my portable screen, this thread will focus on my deck theater amd soemwhat more permanent sreen.

As we're providing a somewhat abreviated Falls Ridge schedule, I wanted to create a deck theater so that I could watch outdoors much more often.

The plan:

Reuse the projector, amp and DVD player I already use for the neighborhood theater. Purchase and install permanent outdoor speakers. Build a new screen that is easy to setup and take down. Leave as much as possible outside to minimize setup and breakdown.

So far:

Bought and installed outdoor speakers for 5.1 (using the sub that came with the amp). Bought a small storage cabinet, drilled a couple of holes and made a nice outdoor cabinet. Erected four 3/4" EMT poles to support the screen. Made a wooden 4X8 frame to hold a BO cloth screen. Built the frame to fold in half for easy storage.

First Problem:

Attaching the screen to frame. My first thought was to use some tarp holders and bungee cords to just wrap the screen around the frame and pull it tight. The probelm is that the tarp holders create a pucker in the material that cannot be straightened out. So I undid everything and just used some spring clamps to test evcerything out.

"Soft" opening:

So this past Saturday night wife and I watched Firewall. Looked great, sounded OK. Everything will work out great, once I come up with a way to attach the screen. Wife suggests velcro, which very well may be the best solution. I just hope she knows that the suggestion volunteers her to do the sewing!

Noticing a few things:

There was a tendency to not understand all of the dialogue. Could very weel be quality of outdoor speakers. I've kind of mentioned this before in another thread about a problem with "the Music Man" and a center channel issue. Then I read in yesterday's Washington Post one of the movie critics mentioning the same thing in cineplex theaters. I thought Harrison Ford just about whispered most of his lines. Then on Sunday I watched "the Music Man" inside on one of the HBO channels and except for being in 4:3, I noticed the same problem I had with the remastered DVD. The musical numbers sounded great, and then after the dialogue was noticibly softer. Even the wife noticed it.

Also noticed that I used the projector as a spotlight to take the screen down (while it was cooling down so no bulb life wasted) and as soon as I got the screen down, I could CLEARLY see the image projected onto a section of my neighbor's house. TWO houses away. Now THAT would be an awesome screen size!

As soon as I get around to unloading the camera, I'll get pics posted.


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: matt314159 on May 26, 2007, 04:05:05 pm
did you get your pictures yet?  I love seeing people's DIY setups. 

What kind of outdoor speakers are you using?

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on May 29, 2007, 09:10:21 am
I DO have some pictures, just need t oget them off the camera and uploaded! I have a combination of Yamaha and Insignia Outdoor speakers. I'l get the exact models when I post pics.

Re-made the screen. Bought a LOT of wide velcro (MAN is that stuff pricey!), I pinned it and the wife swewd it to the BOC screen. I then stapled the other half to the wooden frame. Works out great. I can get the screen nice and tight and it's so light that I can pick up the whole thing and hang it up and take it down easy.

Managed to get one movie in over the Holiday weekend. Spent Friday night remaking the screen. Sunday it rained jsut enough to make it too wet. Had a couple of guys over Saturday night after a round of golf. After a couple beers (OK, more than a couple), we grilled and then I set up the 3-D to check out how it worked outside. Bottom line, I need to figure the correct line of sight for the transmitetr to reach all the glasses.  Then ran Blazing Saddles! A good time was had by all!

Need to figure out how to wire everything up for the 3-D AND the regular movie and what order to change all the settings on the DVD player and the projector, so I'm not running around looking like an idiot (and cussing alot! Of course, the generous amount of alcohol didn't help either). I THINK I have it figured, but some of the remotes tend to interfer with each other and while I'm trying to set something on the 3-D converter, the DVD player picks up the signal and tries to do something else. Anyway, think I have it figured out.

So, now I need to get some pictures up and try again next weekend!


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tscoff on May 29, 2007, 06:17:11 pm
Try adjusting the relative volume levels of the different channels.  I was having the exact same problem that you had and I bumped up the volume of the center speaker relative to the other speakers and that fixed the problem perfectly.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on May 30, 2007, 11:24:26 am
OK, a couple of pics. MAN! I thought I was taking loads of pics, but for right now these are the only good ones. I'll try to get some more. Can't believe I took a picture of the "cabinet" boc but not the actuall cabinet. Also haven't aken any pictures of the speakers yet!

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on May 30, 2007, 11:30:05 am
And  a couple more....

Need to get some of the cabinet and the wiring. I just mounted outdoor speakers, ran low voltage wiring under the deck, made some crimp connectors and cut a hole in the back of tha cab to run the speaker cable through. I still want to cut a hole or slot in the front of the cabinet to easily pull the video cables out from the front and connect everything up without getting behind the cab and then be able to close the door.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on May 30, 2007, 11:38:49 am
last ones for now...screen from back.

The screen frame is 1X4 pine. Basically, two 4'X4' squares hinged in the center (for easy storage). Wife sewed velcro to the screen and I stapled the other half to the back of the frame. Makes a nice tight ADJUSTABLE fit and keeps the whole thing extremely lightweight.
I used 3/4" round EMT for support poles and EMT connectors. The connectors have two screws in them. For the bottom, I removed both screws, ran a deck screw through the bottom whole into a mounting block and then used that to hold the pole. For the top, I removed the top screw, used  the bottom one to attach to the pole AND as a hanger for the screen. I just used heavy duty picture frame hangers mounted to the top of the screen frame.

So far, so good! 

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on June 11, 2007, 12:07:42 pm
Set up everything Saturday night, 6/9. Took less than 15 minutes. That includes attaching screen to frame and hanging.

Ran The DaVinci Code for wife and I and a neighbor couple. Worked out great, weather was perfect.

Only weird thing...I oculdn't get the DVD player to stop or eject the disk after the movie. Had to unplug, plug it back in and then eject it. Neither the remote NOR the buttons on the machine worked.

Anyway a great time wsa had by all. Bug zapper seemed to do the job as I was not bothered all night. ANd now I'm seeing this brand EVERYWHERE and cheaper than I paid at Costco.

Still need to dowload/upload the rest of the pics!


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: Mao on June 11, 2007, 12:59:08 pm
A nice clean set-up...good work!

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: ppht on June 12, 2007, 05:46:29 am
Thats going to work out nice.... Looks good.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on July 05, 2007, 08:21:34 am
Tuesday, July 3

Just the wife and I. I set up the 3D. We watched "ALien Encounter " and "Encounters in the 3rd Dimension." Both original IMAX presentations. Not as "in your face" effects as "SOS Planet" but still good effects. And both have AWESOME DTS soundtracks. And "Encounter" PROMINATELY shows Elvira on the cover and she has about 60 seconds of actual screen time.

I still need to find the optimum placement of the 3D box to get a good line of site to the shutter glasses. I made up a quick little stand for it to clamp onto the deck next to the screen, but the signal doesn't reach the sitting area. Found a temp position, but I need to find the RIGHT position. Guess I'll jsut have to watch more 3D!

REALLY thinking about Casino Royale for this comming Saturday...07/07/07!


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on September 04, 2007, 09:28:02 am

FINALLY got around to showing Casino Royale this past Saturday and Flyboys Sunday. Just the wife and I. Seemed like all the neighbors were away or busy for the holiday weekend.  PERFEECT weather. And Saturday night we were NOT in the flight path to Dulles Airport so it was pretty quiet. Sunday night the flight paths must have chagned about halfway through Flyboys, so it was a little noisier.


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on September 10, 2007, 08:21:51 am
Bad week at work...needed mindless comedies....

Friday night Delta Farce with Larry the Cable Guy. Saturday night Daddy Daycare. Had same two neighbors both nights. I drank heavily. A good time was had by all (if I remember correctly..or anything at all for that matter)!


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on May 27, 2008, 08:56:13 am
                                    2008 SEASON

Kicked off the 2008 season Sunday 5/25 with Caddy Shack. Had about 15 people. I don't think the deck can handle many more. We provided the deck, the movie and popcorn. Everyone brought their own drinks and any other snacks they might prefer. A great time was had by all!

Now that I've spent last seaon getting everything set up the way I want it, I'm planning to have many more deck showings this year. We just aren't getting the turnouts at the neighborhood showings I'd like, so we cut down to the third Saturday of June, July  and August and we'll show something at the neighborhood picnic in September.

I'm hoping for most Saturday nights when the weather co-operates. As I said, we started with the 20th aniversary edition of Caddy Shack. Haven't seen it complete, uncut and UNINTERUPTED in a long time. And I think that "uninterupted" part is important. The director created a pace and you should stick to it.

Anyway, it's a funny movie. One disappointing thing....not only no 5.1, not even stereo! As soon as the movie started, the amp went from showing all 6 speakers firing, to the center only. And I always run a setup disk that includes a 5.1 audio setup, so I KNOW it was working.

Don't know what I'll be showing when, but there'll be something. Looks like Netflix or BB Online is in my VERY near future.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on June 03, 2008, 12:19:03 pm
This past Saturday night (5/31/08), Simpon's Movie. Only my wife and I. Invited all the neighbors as before, but no one came. SO,

If you show a movie and no one comes, is there still a movie?

Of course. The 5.1 was great and the aspect ratio filled the entire screen. Weather was PERFECT.

Showed about all the movies I have on hand. I don't usually buy movies, unless I find them in the "2 or 3 for" used bin at BB. Joined Netflix. First movie set to arrive today, probably will show this Saturday...The Long Ships. Early 60's with the late Richard Widmark. Great adventure story (the GOLDEN BELL!) with the most menancing torture device EVER put on film. And no blood and guts, but you will surely get the willies just looking at it.

I HIGHLY recommend it. Let's see if any of the neighbors show up THIS weekend.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on June 16, 2008, 08:18:27 am
Rained out two weeks in a row. >:(

Long term forecast is for rain THIS Friday and Saturday too. Bummer.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: dorsalfin on June 16, 2008, 10:06:15 am
Dont forget there is always a good time had by all with a indoor LUAU!!! movie night.

 :P Dorsalfin  :o

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: Azure1 on June 16, 2008, 09:11:50 pm
Do what i did for the indoor nights.

Go to Joanns, they have this stuff called Felt, it was ON SALE for $2.99 a yard.
It's 6' Tall and i got a piece that was 17' long. Cost me all of $18.00.
Wrap it around a 2 X 4 and streatch it across the garage door. Instant Fun.
It's also good for Reverse Viewing.

Outdoors is a different story, i've got a few things i'm working on.

Photo below is me with my cat Nutty.
Nutty turned 20 years old on June 10 2008.
He was born in Nampa, Idaho on June 10 1988.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on June 17, 2008, 07:30:24 am
Azure1 -

Your assumption is that I can actually get IN the garage!

Once I get my basement theater finished moving inside won't be as near the problem it is now. We use the livingroom wall and it looks fine, but seating gets tight REALLY fast. So if it's just the two of us or us and another couple, its fine.


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: timtimes on June 17, 2008, 09:01:51 am

Photo below is me with my cat Nutty.
He was born in Nampa, Idaho on June 10 1988.

Which, coincidentally also appears to be the date on which you got your last haircut.  ;D


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on July 28, 2008, 09:17:55 am
OK! FINALLY got another showing in! Despite the severe thunderstorm warning, distant thunder and a few flashes of lightning. Once again, Friday evening was perfect, but we have neighborhood deck parties on Friday, so I try to show movies on Saturdays. It's rained almost every Saturday or we've been away or otherwise busy this summer.

So FINALLY we got to catch up on 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and threw in a rare second feature, NEXT (with Nicholas Cage - good movie BTW). Only had one other couple and one guy show up, but the rain forecast kept people away. It turned out ot be a really good night as the rain moved north of us and we had an opening right above us all night and could even see some stars.

Heard a couple of comments regarding how good the "orchestra" sounded during 7 Brides. That's something you just don't get on TV, or even in live shows anymore as they cut down the size of the orchestra and use synthesizers.  But the old big musical sounded great. And in widescreen you could actually see all six of the brothers dancing at the same time (the 7th is ALREADY married and doesn't HAVE to dance!).

Bigger really IS better!

Now, because of upcoming vacation, neighborhood show and we're hosting a party, it will be at least a month before we get another one in. I guess you can't have everything....where would you put it?

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on July 29, 2008, 08:19:44 am
And, oh yeah, I forgot to add....

a little bit upgraditis hit. I went to a few pawn shops and found an old RCA HT receiver to use on the deck. I was getting tired of having to setup and take down the reciever to use for the neighborhood shows, so I thought I'd try to find something suitable for the deck.

It's an old RCA RT2250, 5.1, 300 watts, which is plenty for the deck. It does have digital coax out, so it's works great. I made sure to test all 6 channels before I left with it. It would have sounded even better if I remembered to hook up the sub. The sub is the one non-outdoor speaker and because of the possiblilty of rain, I didn't put it out early. Then at the last minute I put out the screen and the projector and forgot the sub!

Worst thing about remote.
Best thing...$90.

Next worst's slightly longer than other one, and I can't close the cabinet door completely.
Next best more swapping when doing the neighborhood shows.

I MAY try it out at the next neighborhood show and use IT for those and leave the original one in the cabinet so that I can close the door completely.   

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on August 18, 2008, 08:03:47 am
Managed to get in a Movie Friday night....

Mission To Mars. Pretty good, especially for Summer on the deck. It has it's good moments, and it has it's bad ones. It rained just enough to wet everything down at 8:00pm so only one couple came over. Fortunately, it's 5 a minute setup.

Problems - The "new" cheap amp is "balky." I couldn't get it to stay on. It kept resetting itself.  I tried watching the movie but every 30 seconds it would reset and I had to keep my finger on the "DVD" select button, so the audio was dropping out every 30 sceonds. About 10 minutes in everyone had had enough and I was trying to shutdown. I took the projector in (in case it rained again) and I couldn't turn OFF the amp. Then all of sudden, it turned off by itself and tunred back on. I hit the "tuner" select button and the dang thing stayed on. So after about 10 minutes of it staying on, I pulled the projector back out, and we restarted the moive and it ran fine.

Guess I'm back in the market for an amp.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on August 25, 2008, 09:20:43 am
Had an un-official showing at the party we hosted this past Saturday night.

I have a gadget from an old board game that you can use to "buzz in" answers. Up to six can have a buzzer. So we decided to play a drinking game. We ran Blazing Saddles. If you thought you knew the next line, you buzzed in then I hit pause. The person who buzzed in says the line. If he's right, everyone else drinks. If he's wrong, HE drinks.

After about 30 minutes, too many people were buzzing in too often (AND getting too buzzed) and people just wanted to watch and call out the lines. So we quit using the buzzers.

Then after that we ran Young Frankenstein.

A good time was had by all. 

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on October 27, 2008, 09:51:23 am
Logan Theater Packs it in for 2008

Well, looks like the end of the season for the Logan Deck Theater. Weather jsut di not co-operate this season. I have three movies just sitting around from Netflix that we never even got to.

I actually went out to the deck one Saturday early to set up and found that the outlet on the deck wasn't working. With it getting dark earlier and earlier, I had to find a Saturday during the day when I could fix it (needed to replace the GFI outlet). Then, once I got it fixed, the next weekend the cheap pawn shop amp I bought seemeed to have completely crapped out.

So it just wasn't working out this season. ALTHOUGH, I was in a Wally World for something a couple of weeks ago and saw they had a RCA HTiB (1000W total) for about the same as I orginally paid for the outdoor I'm slowly getting upgraditis!

See oyu all next season!

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: rfisk on October 28, 2008, 07:06:23 am
We had snow flurries here yesterday so I suspect we're about done too.  I think our daughter has plans for one more show this weekend, if possible.  Stay warm, Tom, and keep us posted on your plans over the winter!!  We'll keep a fire going here so don't be a stranger!


Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on October 28, 2008, 08:04:26 am
Thanks Randy.

Oh, I still check in. I've just been pretty busy at work and I'm working on a basement theater, so I don't always have time to post. If yesterday and today are any indication, this could be a LOOONG winter here in Northern VA. If you are watching the World Series, we had the same weather all day they had up in Philly last night. It's been a couple of years, so maybe we're due.

Be back here posting in the spring!

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on July 06, 2011, 02:59:18 pm
HEY! Look who's back! Been TRYING to get my basement done and I have been active on the AVS Forums.

Just thought I'd update with this year's upgrade....ROKU! Allows me  to stream Netflix and TONS of other content. Picked it up on whim while in Costco one day. Watched The Producers and Killers. Wireless connection has only gone down twice and it's always come right back up. For the convenience of not having to get a disk ahead of time, it's well worth it.

I HIGHLY recommend if you already have a wireless router setup. I get an excellent signal probably because I set up an extender for my living room BlueRay player to stream and my deck is on the same level as the living room (the router is up one floor), so I get the boost from the extender.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: Adult Beverage on July 06, 2011, 03:15:31 pm
I would guess that being AdultBeveraged over here will have a different meaning than being Loganed over there.  Welcome back.

Title: Re: Official Logan Deck Theater Thread
Post by: tlogan6797 on July 06, 2011, 03:29:30 pm
I COULD start that here, too, IF I wanted to and you KNOW what could happen, particularly in Dimension X. So watch yourself, buddy. You want to provoke me? HUH? DO you, punk? Yeah, that's right, I 'm talkin' to YOU.

Now hand me an adult beverage and let's watch some movies!