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Title: Entire BYT For Sale -- Chicagoland
Post by: Dennis on October 26, 2014, 02:02:17 pm

Time for a new adventure...after a lifetime of suburbia, we are moving to downtown Chicago!

Time to sell The Spring Avenue Starlight Backyard Theater...everything you need to host your own movie nights!

 Optoma HD71 Projector
 4x4 Projector Mounting Post
 16' X 9' Trapeze Front or Rear Projection Fabric Screen
 EMT Frame for Trapeze Screen
 Devon AVR1610 HDMI Receiver
 Sony NS77H DVR Player
 Panasonic DMP BD60 Blu-Ray Player
 Two JBL P30 Speakers
 Four Infinity SAT450 Speakers
 One Infinity Powered Sub-Woofer Speaker
 Skeeter-Vac SV3100 with a year's supply of bait and sticky traps
 "It's Intermission Time, Folks" Remastered Drive-in ads & announcements -- 12 full DVDs
 Bayou Classic Outdoor Stove with Deep Fryer
 8oz Popcorn Machine
 Burgess Insect Fogger
 Large firepit
 Miscellaneous drive-in theme decorations.

 This is everything (except speaker wire) you need to show movies in high definition and full surround sound in your backyard.

 Lots of valuable equipment in this package...highest offer over $500 wins. I will also walk you through the set-up.

SORRY ==> Way too busy packing up 18 years of clutter to sell pieces or if you are near the western suburbs of Chicago (think Oak Brook/Wheaton) and can pick up, email me at

Title: Re: Entire BYT For Sale -- Chicagoland
Post by: shawn_ky on October 28, 2014, 01:37:48 pm
Wished you lived closer... Would love to make a deal with the Skeeter items...

Title: Re: Entire BYT For Sale -- Chicagoland
Post by: cecilb on October 30, 2014, 10:49:24 am

First off I'm jealous you're moving downtown. A little dream of mine to enjoy a great city. You'll have a blast!

Secondly, I know you mentioned package deal. Should you decide to break things up, I'd be interested in a few things.

Good luck!!!!

If I can be nosy, what area of the city?

Forgot to mention, I'm up on North Shore area and can pop over if you still stuff

Title: Re: Entire BYT For Sale -- Chicagoland
Post by: Dennis on November 02, 2014, 07:13:53 pm

UPDATE: The Spring Avenue Starlight lives on...and the money is going full circle, the dad who bought it works for an local appliance store where we just bought our new washer & dryer. The circle of life!

cecilb ==> We are heading to Old Town...probably because of the hippie karma


Title: Re: Entire BYT For Sale -- Chicagoland
Post by: cecilb on November 03, 2014, 12:14:08 am
Dennis, you made my day!

The link you posted mentioned my uncles bar on North Ave, Sonny's, where I did cash many of checks most of which cleared. Sonny always said I know where you live so don't try it.

Tradesmen, writers, politicians, hookers, plumbers,
Tv execs, bums and doctors were your basic pot pourri

And Uncle Sonny held court the nights he was there.

He had several places in the area, the saddle club on north clark before Sandburg Village took over and the moved it to North Avenue right near Ale house where they had a few bands on occasion and Belushi and the boys would stumble in

The place had an eclectic crowd, a much grittier gathering than  a cheers

My kind of place , pure Chicago.

If we ever collide I have enough stories to deplete any bar down to its last Guinness.

My Irish immigrant grand parents had a brownstone on 1400 block of Dearborn

Oh, the stories.