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1  Backyard Theater discussions / Screen specific / Re: New Screen at Barkley on: July 31, 2006, 05:55:19 pm
Yes.  We watched Sky High on it the other night.  The only complaint was I am still using a sheet for the  screen.  It lets way to much light through it.  I put a second sheet behind it which helped but it still needs work.  We had just gotten the screen up and the kids in the pool when a rain storm appeared out of nowhere wetting everything. We still had a great time.
2  Backyard Theater discussions / Screen specific / New Screen at Barkley on: July 30, 2006, 04:02:53 pm
Final built the new screen out of 1.25 PVC pipes.  The frame is 12'10' by 7'4" trying to keep the 16X9 widescreen ratio.  I based the design on the ones that I have seen here.  THe screen's legs are 4' high to allow for muiltple row of seating on the lawn or to clear the above ground pool so that it can be watched from our deck.  It only takes about 20mins to put up and take down.  I added 5' feet to help keep the 11' tall screen upright.  I used threaded adapters to make them easy to install when the screen is upright. I plugged both ends of the feet pipes and filled them with sand to add weight to the base.
3  Backyard Theater discussions / Backyard and Outdoor Theater Showcase / Re: Barkley's Outdoor Theater Baby Sitting Service on: July 16, 2006, 06:50:04 pm
We have had our first showing with the new rules in effect.  The crowd went from my family plus eight to my family plus two.  This was ok.  The parents of the two kids ok'ed them seeing the movies and picked them up afterward.  Both talked to us earlier in the week and I had no problem with the parents not being there.  I will say that the parents that I had the biggest problem with did not RSVP during the week and their kids did not show up, so I guess it worked.

I have changed my description of a successful movie night, now it is that my family has a good time.  If no one else comes, so.  Once I made that change I have found the whole thing much more enjoyable.
4  Backyard Theater discussions / Backyard and Outdoor Theater Showcase / Re: Barkley's Outdoor Theater Baby Sitting Service on: July 02, 2006, 04:10:38 pm
I have changed the invite to reflect that children under 12 needed an adult.  Most of the parents appologized after I talked about last week.  I also want to start showing more PG-13 and maybe R movies as the second feature and wanted parents there to decide if the kids should see it or not.  Our next showing is in a couple of weeks and see how well the new rules work out.

5  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: Digital Video Mixer on: July 02, 2006, 04:03:28 pm
It is a portable DVD play that does not play DVD any more.  It had the ablility to change the component connections from output to input.  This gave me a very nice little screen to work with.  You can pick them up realitively cheap right now.
6  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: Digital Video Mixer on: July 02, 2006, 12:15:45 pm
 I think I have figured out how to do this.  The switch boxes I found at Walmart support both component and s-video connections.  I wired up my two DVD players using the component connections to one switch box that outputs to a small LCD screen I have.  I wired up the same DVD players using the S-Video connections to the second switch box that outputs to the projector.  Using the first sitch box I can prep the dvd viewing it on the small DVD and get it ready for projecting.  Once the DVD is ready I can cut it in using the second switch box.  For thirty dollors in switch boxes, I made myself a nice little simple mixer.
7  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: Thanks guys on: July 01, 2006, 06:58:38 pm
Here are pictures of my current setup.  The first is of the equipment cart that allows me to quick rollout, plugin power and away we go.  The second is of my screen.
8  Backyard Theater discussions / Backyard and Outdoor Theater Showcase / Barkley's Outdoor Theater Baby Sitting Service on: July 01, 2006, 09:38:36 am
Last night was our second movie showing and I was disappointed/annoyed by the whole thing. 

What disappointed my was by the start of the movie there was my wife, my two girls and eight of the neighborhood kids.  Don't get me wrong, they are all good kids and we had a great time but my idea for behind doing these movie showings was to show family friendly movies that would allow the whole family to come and enjoy.

What annoyed me was that the parents were going to let there 9-11 years old walk home alone after the movie completed at 11:00.  In good conscience and a sense of responsibility, my wife and I ended up escorting/driving them home.  We are not running a baby sitting service!!

The question I have, does anyone have any idea how I keep this from become the trend?  How do I fix this?  Has anyone else run into something like this? 

Any ideas would be appreciated.
9  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Digital Video Mixer on: June 18, 2006, 01:16:05 pm
I would like to be able to more cleanly switch between DVD's players.  I am looking for advice as to how to do this.  I read in various forums that people use Digital Video Mixer.  If this is the case, can anybody recommend a good one that doesn't cost more a couple hundred dollars?   If not, is there a technique or other type of hardware that will work? Thanks for any help.
10  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: Thanks guys on: June 17, 2006, 11:55:58 am
The screen was two king size sheets Heat bonded together and attached to the back wall of the garage.  It worked well except that it  let to much of the pj light through it.  I had orginally bought a cloth tarp from Home Depot.  It turned out to be more like paper then cloth and was lined with plastic. We tried to get the wrickles out of it but were unsuccessful.  The second problem, there was a large seam down the middle.  I am thinking of hanging it behind the bed sheets, plastic side out, to take advantage of the plastic's reflective nature. Any ideas/comments?

As for pictures, we did not take any.  The whole thing came together somewhat last minute but I will post some after our next viewing.
11  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Thanks guys on: June 16, 2006, 10:15:24 pm
This is my first post but I have been visiting and reading the site for about a month now.  I bought a Espon S3 PJ and RCA 2760 sound system and tonight was my first showing. It went great!  Most of the neighborhood was there and they all loved it.  Since life is so busy, most of us don't get to interact with each other much and this allowed us all a chance to talk.  The kids loved the idea of watching the movie outside and the parents enjoyed the time with other adults.  I think I have found my new hobby for the summers. 

I am so glad I found this site and the new fun it has brought into the neighborhood.  Thanks.
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