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1  Backyard Theater discussions / Screen specific / Re: Camp Chef Score and Questions on: July 25, 2016, 11:43:44 pm
We used a Brother P-Touch labeler to make new labels for our Camp Chef screen frame:


A complete review of the OS132 can be found here:,8489.0.html

2  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: Call out to SR, OA, Sparge, Movieman etc on: April 10, 2016, 07:23:33 pm
I'm still around and check in from time-to-time.  I'm #2 on the site's Top Ten Posters list and #1 on the Most Time Online list even though I'm not here as often.  However, the fact I'm not even listed on the Top Topic Starters kind of tells the tale.  I generally answer other folks questions or make recommendations based on their posts.  I don't start a lot of new ones myself.  If that other traffic dies away then mine does indirectly as well.

I don't hang out on the Facebook BYT page.  FB doesn't really lend itself as a knowledge repository.  It does however work very well at satisfying the immediate gratification needs of today's population.   Roll Eyes

It's unfortunate if this site is losing traffic to FB because new members aren't being approved in timely fashion.  I know Randy does have a standard he uses to keep the riff raff off the site which I appreciate.  However, it does tend to delay the approval process.

An another note, it's hard to get excited about the new BYT season when we just got 2-3 inches of snow in northern Ohio over the weekend!

3  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: the Wedge? on: January 17, 2016, 11:10:56 pm
That looks like a clear version of the WondaWedges that Randy procurred for us to give away at SpargeFest in 2010:,4946.msg52451.html#msg52451

I'm thinking about getting some of these for this Summer:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

4  Backyard Theater discussions / Popcorn, refreshments and party ideas / Re: What are you all serving this year on: January 17, 2016, 10:31:21 pm
Wait... Some of you actually charge your friends for food and drinks?   Shocked

My family doesn't charge.  We treat our movie nights as party events.  We don't charge our friends and family when we invite them over for a party!

We spring for movie candy, popcorn and other snacks.  We stock our cooler with sodas and beer.  We supply hot dogs, brats and burgers.  We make it a potluck event and encourage our guests to bring a side dish to share.  Many folks bring something and we end up with a great variety of food.

We only do movie nights like this about six times a year tops (lately less).

5  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Novel use of a projector! on: December 11, 2015, 04:13:05 am
Here's a rather novel and commendable use of a projector and water dispersion screen:

6  Backyard Theater discussions / General discussion / Re: Vintage Drive-In Intermission DVD's on: October 17, 2015, 12:33:55 am
I'm not sure what you're after specifically, but this set from Elite Entertainment has some good stuff...

Unfortunately, these "Drive In Discs" by Elite are out of print.  So, you're only likely to find them on the secondary markets (eBay, etc.).  I wouldn't pay more than $30 for the set of three (or $10 each for individual volumes).  There were only three volumes made.  Each has two B-grade movies which are pretty good themselves if you like that kind of stuff.  The hidden gems though are the other things on the discs.  There are various concession stand ads including the popular "Let's All Go To The Lobby".  The classic "It's Intermission Time Folks" ten-minute intermission countdown (aka The Dancing Hot Dog) is on there.  There are some old time cartoons like Betty Boop, Popeye and Gumby.  There are some "Coming Attractions" bumpers, etc.  Each of the three volumes has different things with some overlap.  You really should try to find the box set or purchase all three to get all the goodies.  This set has the BEST quality I have ever seen on any of this material.

One thing to watch out for is Elite tried a gimmick they called "Distorto" sound to help one relive the true drive-in experience.  It's a secondary audio track on the DVDs where a low-fi version of the soundtrack comes out of just left speaker.  The right speaker has other drive-in "sounds" including conversations of the folks watching the movie at the drive-in.  It's fun in the living room but not the kind of thing you want at your own showing where you might use these clips.  Be careful to select the non-Distorto audio track for your shows.

7  Backyard Theater discussions / Movies you're showing or have shown / Re: Line up until Halloween on: September 23, 2015, 08:57:33 pm
We showed Tucker & Dale in the number three spot of our 2011 dusk-to-dawn line up.  Great movie!  I wish they would do a sequel!

8  Backyard Theater discussions / Movies you're showing or have shown / Re: Line up until Halloween on: September 22, 2015, 08:36:18 am

Those line ups look pretty good.  I might have to borrow one or two of those ideas for next year.

We're getting ready to wrap up our season with our annual dusk-to-dawn marathon.  Five movies in a row!  This is typically our best attended event with 30 to 40 folks.  We've developed something of a formula.  We usually lead off with a kid-friendly animated flick to get the families out to the show.  The second spot is usually a (Marvel) superhero movie which keeps the families around for at least a double-feature.  With the earlier start times we can get two movies in before the witching hour.  After midnight, the next three usually fall into the horror category.  It's time for small children and big babies to go home!  They usually go horror-comedy, straight up horror and messed up horror - in that order.  The last spot could also be called the "so bad they're good" category!  Cheesy

I've attached info on our line up for this year's dusk-to-dawn.  The PDF has live links to the movie trailers and info.

9  Backyard Theater discussions / Speaker specific / Re: Speaker set-up help on: September 19, 2015, 10:42:40 pm
Garp - Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything that I could confidently recommend to do the job for your situation.  Sad

Line level output converters are still fairly common in the automotive sound industry.  They allow someone with a factory car stereo to add an after-market amplifier by reducing the speaker-level outputs of their radio to line-level signals safe for the inputs of an amplifier.  That's essentially the same thing you need to do - reduce the speaker-level outputs of your receiver to line-levels safe for the inputs on your wireless transmitter. 

Unfortunately, the converters I'm seeing available online are rated for lower powered car stereos.  I've really only seen one with a high enough power rating for your receiver:

And looking at the physical design of that one, I'm really skeptical that it's capable of handing that much power anyway.  Also, based on the pic it's just a resistor-based voltage divider circuit.  That could damage your Onkyo receiver if the receiver uses a push-pull amplifier design.  I have no way to know that unless I was to take your receiver apart and investigate.  In fact, the way I'd probably skin this particular cat if this was my receiver would be to open it up, identify the line-level side of the power amplifier circuits and solder in my own line-level RCA jacks.  Then no converter would even be necessary.  I realize that's above the skill set for most on the forum I'm sure.

If I come across a product I have more confidence in then I'll let you know.  Sorry.

10  Backyard Theater discussions / Speaker specific / Re: Speaker set-up help on: September 18, 2015, 10:05:20 pm
Garp - I pulled up an online manual for your Onkyo receiver.  It doesn't have line-level outputs.  It only has speaker-level outputs.  The speaker-level outputs are too powerful to connect to a line-level input like what your wireless speaker transmitter is expecting.  You will need what's called a line output converter.  It takes a speaker level output and attenuates (reduces) its power to line-level strength.  Let me see what I might find online to recommend.

11  Backyard Theater discussions / Speaker specific / Re: Speaker set-up help on: September 18, 2015, 02:42:32 am
Hi Garp.  It sounds like you're about to do something bad on a number of levels (no pun intended).  It sounds like you're thinking about plugging the speaker-level outputs from your receiver into the line-level inputs of your wireless speaker transmitter.  That can damage both your receiver and your wireless transmitter.  Also, the cable you show is for the line-level side and it sounds like you're trying to use it on the speaker-level side.  I think a dead giveaway is if you have to cut the connectors off then you're probably using the wrong cable.

Why don't you start by telling us the brand and model of your receiver and wireless speakers.  Pictures might also help.  Tell us about your source player (Blu-ray, laptop, etc.) and how you have it connected to the receiver.  I'll try to guide you to the proper connections.

12  Backyard Theater discussions / Speaker specific / Re: PA Speakers on: July 15, 2015, 03:20:41 pm
My set up is a bit different then most. All my equipment sits behind the screen out of site. The audio cables are only 6 feet from mixer to speakers.

I use a 30 foot hdmi cable to the projector that sits all by itself on a tripod.  This has been working out nicely for 3-4 years now.

Just need to find a decent blueray player to replace the dvd one I'm using now.

Make sure the Blu-ray player you go with has analog audio outputs.  Otherwise you'll have a problem getting the audio to your new speakers.  Many of the newer inexpensive players only have HDMI out.

13  Backyard Theater discussions / Speaker specific / Re: PA Speakers on: July 15, 2015, 02:46:57 pm
I've downloaded the manual for the Eurolive B812neo speakers.  Tested both and both work, but one has a blown woofer. Searching for good replacement now. Can't beat that for trash find.

Eurolive B812neo speakers, if that's what you have, are bi-amped.  That is to say they have one built-in amplifier circuit for the woofer and another built-in amplifier circuit for the tweeter.  Make sure you determine if the problem is the amp or the driver before you spend any money.  If they weren't bi-amped it could also have been the crossover circuitry.  Not likely in this case.

Another thought is the Eurolive B812neo line carries a 3-year warranty. Depending upon when this line was introduced it may be that ALL units are still covered under warranty. I've had more than one manufacturer take a unit in for repair without a sales receipt for this reason.

14  Backyard Theater discussions / Movies you're showing or have shown / Re: Porky's on: July 14, 2015, 05:33:16 pm
I thought Porky's was hilarious when I was a teenager. However, it's not something I would have wanted to see in mixed company with parents/relatives around.  Also, in general I think girls might not find it as funny as boys.  All-in-all I don't think it would go over as well as you might think with the adults or the kids.

Flash forward thirty years.  I had an opportunity to watch Porky's a couple of years ago.  I found it nowhere near as funny now as I thought it was back then.  In fact, I had to turn it off. It was that bad.  And yes, I still have a sense of humor - just not as sophomoric apparently.

As a parent of teenagers, I would not consider Porky's appropriate for a graduation party of mixed guests.  What do your nephew's parents think?

You asked.  My two cents.

15  Backyard Theater discussions / Speaker specific / Re: PA Speakers on: July 14, 2015, 05:12:18 pm
It would be a benefit if you had a mixer that also converted the unbalanced RCA outputs of your player to balanced XLR connections.  You'll have better noise rejection over long runs.  By the way, RCA-to-XLR cables don't convert the signal.  The signal remains unbalanced in that situation.

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