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September 29, 2016, 03:32:43 pm

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 on: September 13, 2016, 08:44:38 pm 
Started by Redsparow1 - Last post by Redsparow1
Hawaii is great, it is a magical place to live, but it is a hard place to keep your beer cold!  This led me to begin a search for the best way to keep my beer cold.  I do some homebrewing and I like to keg, so I took insulating bottles out of contention.  I did a simple experiment comparing the efficiency of a pint glass, a tervis tumbler, and the hydroflask true pint.  As you might expect, the hydroflask did the best job, followed by the Tervis Tumbler, and then the pint glass.  The full post is here: http://www.backyardmovies.net/best-pint-glass-challenge/

I thought that the difference in the 3 justified the added expense.  The measuring cup was a bit fogged up, so it doesn't do the best job of showing the true amount of water that came out of the Hydroflask True Pint, but I think the chunk of ice tells the tale alright.

Please don't judge my experimental technique so harshly...I was so good at Chem 101, I had to take it twice!  I also have a 32oz Ozark Trail cup that I want to test, but since it is much larger than the Pints, I didn't think it was a fair comparison.

 on: September 10, 2016, 03:49:50 pm 
Started by movieman - Last post by movieman
On Friday Sept. 30th we have been hired by a local Police Dept for our Drive-in Theater package

It will be held at the local High school parking lot. They plan on showing GOONIES plus all your fav popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.


 on: September 06, 2016, 10:22:41 pm 
Started by SR - Last post by SR
That is sad news for the Night-Sky if it is over for them.......I guess they say all good things come to an end. I hope he is around next year. Have you ever taken pictures there & if you have can you post a few? Take care Richard
I took a few photos on my phone earlier in the year and then it died so those are now gone.  This coming weekend I need to go over there for a few hours to pull the equipment out of the booth and into his house for the winter and see what I can do with the roof on the booth.  It's a really small building you can't even stand inside it.  It's probably a 10X5 foot building with the roof extending over the door so even though your standing outside there is roof over you if your doing something in there.  Anyhow it's pretty clear from the staining that the roof has been leaking and since there is power running into the building and a few other things that don't come out for the winter I figure it would be best to either try to seal it up or get a tarp on it. 

Yes, it will be sad, if it is over for them but he and his friends will get a lifetime invite to the Sit & Vue.  I'd have to check my notes for the exact year but I believe he has had the BYT since the early 1990's, so it's definitely had a good long run.  If I can remember I'll take some pictures.

 on: September 06, 2016, 06:55:27 pm 
Started by SR - Last post by genesis76
That is sad news for the Night-Sky if it is over for them.......I guess they say all good things come to an end. I hope he is around next year. Have you ever taken pictures there & if you have can you post a few? Take care Richard

 on: September 06, 2016, 04:45:41 pm 
Started by SR - Last post by SR
Well it's that time of year for us where we start to wind down the season.  We've got at least a few more weekends of movies at the Sit & Vue, attendance for us always drops off after labor day I think it's a combination of kids back in school and the cooler wetter weather that sets in this time of year here.  So we are down to using just one screen and probably have another 3 - 5 weeks left of movies.  Jake should be back from his winter long business trip before spring so that shouldn't affect next years run.

Over at the Night-Sky's our last night there was Sunday the 4th, at this time I have no idea if there will be a 2017 season for him.  Gary has picked out the retirement community that he wants to move into and he has his place on the market.  He tells me he is in no hurry to sell, he wants to get as much for it as possible.  So we have to wait and see, I told him that if he is still there and wants to do another year I will help him out again.  I've actually really enjoyed my time at the Night-Sky, despite being rather run down his yard reminds me a lot of my yard when I had one.  I will miss it when it's gone.

 on: September 03, 2016, 12:38:56 pm 
Started by SR - Last post by Redsparow1
With Hurricane Lester growing in strength Thursday morning, we made the decision to suck up the rebooking fees and call off our trip.  By Thursday night the Hurricane had made a dramatic swing to the North and as of this morning it is confirmed it won't impact the islands at all.  Aside from a little rain, we could have gone on with the trip.  I am convinced that if we had proceedd with the trip, Maui would have had a direct hit because that seems to be my luck, so I am going to take credit for saving the island by cancelling my trip.

We are going to see the Beach Boys in concert tonight.  I am pretty excited, they were my first concert and now they will be my daughter's first concert.  I knew who they were though when I went, I don't think she has any concept.

 on: September 02, 2016, 12:42:44 am 
Started by SR - Last post by SR
We have a commercial type popcorn machine with a 12oz kettle (great northern from Amazon). We purchase the proportioned popcorn from gold medal. It is a HUGE hit and we always get compliments on it.

Depending on when sunset is, we will either incorporate dinner in to the potluck concession stand (aka 2 6' folding tables) or keep it a potluck dessert concession table. Whichever the case, we ask the guests to bring something for the table and a 2 liter. We supply the plates, plastic utensils, napkins, cups and ice.

Our pre show entertainment has been trivia recently. There is normally a 10 minute break before the movie starts; this is when we start popping the popcorn. We don't have a warmer for bagged popcorn, so my wife scoops and bags the popcorn for each person.

I recently found some coated popcorn bags on Amazon. 1oz size I believe. I haven't had a chance to use them yet. But will be perfect for the butter-like topping I have.

I'm considering selling movie theater candy as a way to offset the cost of maintenance and upgrades. I haven't convinced myself that it'd be a success with the potluck concession table.  Undecided
I don't feel like I gave you a proper answer to your question.  about selling candy.  This is what we sell and what it costs.
Prices at the snack bar:
Popcorn            $2.25 Small   -  $3.75 large
Cheese Pizza   $10.99
Peperoni Pizza $11.99
Combination     $12.99
Beverages : Cola, Diet cola, Root Beer and DP.  $2.00 a can.

Of course you can see it's all over priced, but it's a suggested donation.  We have someone, typically it's a volunteers, sit at the table.  The prices are on the table in front of the popcorn and the soda. Then there is the pizza sheet taped to the table.  The primary reason for someone monitoring the table is to keep bags of popcorn in the warmer and cook pizza when it is ordered.  Also to say hi and welcome folks in ect.  Then at the end of the table is a container that the guests put money into.  The prices are a suggested donation and guests are welcome to bring in any food / drink they want.  We just ask that if we have it you buy it from us to help support maintenance of the theatre.

Sure there are a few folks that bring there own popcorn in anyway and never "buy" ours.  But then there is also the guy that comes in almost every Saturday night and drops $10 in the can each time without taking anything, so it balances out.   

Personally I'd try it.  Make sure your guests know what your doing and why your doing it.  I think if it was me I'd ask folks not to bring whatever types of candy your going to sell and set up a special area on the table for the candy.  with a sign indicating the prices and that any money made off of the candy goes towards potluck supplies and other theater equipment maintenance and a jar for folks to put their money into.  The worst thing that will happen is it'll sell slowly.  I just don't see how it could go wrong really.

Also I would like to suggest you at least consider selling your popcorn or giving it away for a suggested donation.  It's your machine, it's all your equipment and supplies and I doubt that anyone is bringing in popcorn now, since your popping it fresh.  You wouldn't be competing with the potluck table that way.

Those are my thoughts anyway. 

 on: September 01, 2016, 01:08:49 pm 
Started by stoker - Last post by SR
As much as I love my 9x16 CB inflatable. I am needed an alternative material for the viewing surface. The stretch material is great but my climate with wet nights leads to stained material almost every viewing. I do have a Carls flexiwhite screen for a smaller frame and like the clean ability of that material. I was looking for any insight of maybe having a Carls screen or other for an inflatable.
As you might know we have one plywood screen and 2 BOC screens at the Sit & Vue.  The Boc screens go up on Memorial day and come down on Labor day.  Yes, they definitely collected up some stuff and some stains, but we give them a good scrub and dry them out good before putting them away in the fall.  Yes, they have some marks, some staining that does not come out with the washing.  Some of it is visible during the daytime but nothing shows during the movie.  I guess what I'm saying is in my opinion that some staining happens, but don't worry to much about it. 

 on: September 01, 2016, 12:58:40 pm 
Started by SR - Last post by lowcrawl
Unfortunately, Hurricane Lester is heading for the islands 

Keep safe... But I'll let ya know how the imu turns out...

 on: September 01, 2016, 11:05:59 am 
Started by SR - Last post by genesis76
Most of the time, I just use a Stir Crazy.  If we want to be fancy, we use coconut oil or use Col Seasons.

If I know we are going to have alot of folks over I will make a trashbag full on the grill before people come over.  I just use a toss away aluminum baking pan with a layer of kernels coated in oil, then cover it in aluminum foil.  It takes about five minutes per batch, you shake it like a jiffy pop, and only takes a couple batches to make enough for the night.  I have not figured out a way to do this with coconut oil, so I just use vegetable. 

What is the issue with coconut oil?  Is the grill too hot, not hot enough, etc.?  I am just curious as to what the oil itself would present a problem?  I really like this idea, we use a lot of coconut oil at home, but we have never done this.

I was just going to ask this one Lol

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