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Author Topic: BYT How To Tutorials  (Read 1682 times)
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« on: November 08, 2012, 03:15:14 pm »

Every so often I get messages asking how to do this or that. I'll start compiling some how to's here.

How to Insert a Picture Using the IMG Command.

Seems basic for a seasoned Internet inhabitant. Truth is every website is different and not all websites use the same codes. There are two methods of adding pictures to your message. The first is attaching a picture to your post. This method allows you to attach a picture directly from your computer. However people will not see it until they click on the attachment. It's crude but effective.

To use method one in a reply you must enter Preview mode. The necessary button is not available in Quick Reply mode.

The second method uses a third party online picture storage site. There are a few notable free online storage sites that do this. Google uses their Picasa site, Photobucket is popular, as is Imgur. The list is long.

These sites take your pictures and give you links to use around the Internet. This method allows you to insert the image into the message allowing everyone to see it without clicking on an attachment.

after you've uploaded your picture(s) each picture is assigned a code. in photobucket each picture is assigned 4 codes one for emails and instant messengers. one for direct linking to the picture. one in html format for websites and one calld IMG. this last one (IMG) you can cut and paste directly into your reply and the picture will post itself in-line with your comments

a shortcut for this last "second method" is to simply type: IMG"insert your pictures direct online location here"[/ I M G]  (no spaces in the last /img code)

FancyPants Image Posting:

to enable FancyPants Image Posting mode you must first have 2 (or more) small width pictures. type in the IMG code for the first one, then add the magical "Space Bar" once, then add the second IMG code. if your 2 or more pictures are small enough width-wise they will display one after another. FancyPants Image Post Mode enabled!
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« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2012, 03:15:47 pm »

[reserved for future tutorial]

How to Link to Websites Using the URL command.

Another quick tutorial to keep your post looking nice and neat! Tongue

Lets say you want to give everyone a link to an awesome BYT related page. you could type something like this:

"Hey everyone I found the most awesomest BYT related post here http://imgur.com/gallery/od9Hw"

now most blogs and websites will automatically recognize the http:// part as a link to somewhere else on the internet-o-sphere, however you really want to clean up your post right? Smiley

lets rewrite it using a small code:

"Hey everyone I found the most awesomest BYT related post here"

again that was the "shortcut" method. the full on method involves you opening up the Preview mode and clicking this button:

of note: if you mistakenly add the image command img rather than the url command you will probably get a red X indicating an error. it means the byt website was expecting an image file (.PNG, .BMP, .TIF, .JPG, etc) but it saw a HTML link, indicating a website

the BYT website automatically recognizes youtube video links as URL's and will display them.

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« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2012, 03:16:05 pm »

How To Make Any Image Into A Link Using Both IMG and URL

what looks like magic is actually just a joint venture between two forum commands! find any image that is relevant to a link you want to make. they can be an animated GIF image as the first one i used below, or a regular picture in either a PNG, JPG, BMP, or other various picture formats. usually on the internet you can right-click on a picture in the details section you'll find the entire online location for the picture. you simply highlight the entire information including the http:// and the .IMG or .JPG or .BMP at the end. and copy it.

press the img button in the reply field to get the img and /img code, paste the information for the picture between the two codes and you'll have the image pasted so far. but now you want to add the URL information to make the link between the picture and the website. no problemo! go to the website you want or article or item, whatever! in the top address bar of your internet browser, simply copy the entire address including the http://. come back to the reply field. now highlight the entire img and /img and everything in between of the picture you want linked. now press the URL button. same as before the url and /url codes are added to your image code on the outside of it. now in the first url code, enter the equal symbol, =, and paste the internet link!


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« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2012, 03:16:18 pm »

[reserved for future tutorial]

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