Outdoor Theater Screens


This is our original outdoor screen. It was 14' diagonal and constructed from a 2x4 frame and 3-4x8 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood. It was spilt down the middle and went up in two 'halves'. The seam was taped with cloth sports tape before each show and it was barely visible when projected upon. In 2003 I made the mistake of leaving this screen up over the winter and it was destroyed in a wind storm. Half of the screen landed on our roof, and the other half flew over the house and landed in our front yard. The screen had worked well for 3-4 years prior. Photos of our new outdoor screen are available in the forums. Our new screen is made from an extruded aluminium frame with "trapeze" fabric stretched across... it's much better. The new screen was built in the spring of 2004 and we used it all this past season. It's a much lighter screen than wood and offers better projection quality. This fabric will work for either front or rear projection screens. (More outdoor screen photos and details are available in the forums)

The projector is suspended between two roofs in a cove on our deck. There's plenty of room to walk under the projector.

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