We're "shaking things up" in the back yard theater in 2005 by adding a pair of ButtKicker LFE shakers and the ButtKicker amp to power these dudes. They have been mounted near the center of our deck platform, directly under our primary seating area. The installation is complete now and you can find more info and install photos in the speaker area of our Backyard Theater Forum. The JBL subwoofer has done a great job all these years but these LFE shakers add a WHOLE new dimension to the Backyard Theater.

Hold on to your drink! These things are awesome. Don't miss the rest of the info in the forums.

Now, all I gotta do is get that deck mist/sprinkler system finished-up and we'll have some very realistic 'thunderstorm' scenes in the BYT! We'll keep you posted.

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